Cosplay Under Your Clothes

 Underoos aren't just for kiddos anymore, and I must admit my heart is happy to hear it! Sometimes you just want to feel awesome and powerful with what you are wearing, but maybe your limited to your standard business casual wardrobe...

Underoo's fixes all of that. I did a bit of research and discovered that Underoos is actually owned by Fruit of the Loom and we all know what a comfy cotton conglomerate that company is! Underoos launched in 1977. The product includes a pair of undies with a matching top usually depicting one of our beloved superheroes.

I mean, can you imagine the pep in your step knowing that you are dressed as Wonder Woman under your business wear? Recently Underoos was kind enough to reach out to Seven of Ten and myself to offer us a sample of their relaunched product. The company now carries products for Men, Women, and Children. Underoos has a variety of sizes and themes which means there is something for everyone through their online shopping experience.

Seven of Ten and I both received our packages in very quick timing. It was roughly three day shipping, which to me is very impressive considering the amount I pay every year from Prime Two-Day shipping from that other guy! After Seven of Ten and I received the items we shared a few of our thoughts (shockingly enough they were largely the same!)

The packaging is the perfect happiness of yester-years. No really, the moment I received the item I was giddy, not only to have my Underoos, but also because the packaging reminded me of all types of toys and clothing items we had as a young fangirls.

Size was a concern for both of us. They have a great size chart on their website for assistance, but Seven of Ten and I both approach it different ways. 

While viewing the items on the website I noticed that the category listed for Women was actually listed as Juniors. I just happen to be at that age where "Juniors" items generally don't fit my body shape anymore. Occasionally I can get away with a cute top from that department, but I have mostly moved on to "Misses" or "Ladies" clothing. (Dang adulting life, adulting is hard!) "Juniors" sizing categories are often a little smaller and petite so while I would normally be a Large I decided not to risk it and go for an X-Large. I wanted to be able to enjoy my Underoos! I could definitely stand to go down a size, but the X-Large isn't completely falling off either. I would suggest ordering for the largest section of your body. I am definitely pear shaped, so I should definitely order the appropriate size for my bottoms. They come in complete size sets, so for those of us who are slightly slimmer in one area that can be a downside. 

Seven of Ten went with a completely different approach. Here is what Seven of Ten had to say about her sizing experience: "When I read the back of the box, I was concerned that I may have ordered the wrong size. When I ordered, I ordered based upon my T-shirt size alone, but I knew we had this review so I tried them on...great fit! Something I did realize was that since you order one size that covers tops and bottoms, you should definitely order for your bottom. If your top is a little baggy, no harm." 

I found my Underoos extremely comfortable to sleep in and Seven of Ten even got a "I like that you got C3PO. Bonus points for sexy pajamas!" from the Captain! The material itself is light and airy. It's pretty much exactly the quality that you'd expect from such a reputable parent company like Fruit of the Loom. 

Underoos is offering a promotion code for EG'ers. Go check out their website, and pick out your favorite set! Enter the code "EXQUISITELYGEEK" in the promo code box during check out and receive five dollars off! How cool is that!?! Happy Cosplay Wednesday everybody! I'll see you again on Monday for another boost of your Fandom News, but until then...and as always, stay exceptionally chic & exquisitely geek! 

A special thanks goes out to the PR team at Underoos for reaching out to us and providing us these products and a promotion code for our readers. The team was professional and extremely helpful. This opinions in this review are not sponsored or suggested in any way and are completely the opinions of the creators/contributors of the ExquisitelyGeek blog. 

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  1. Be sure to use the code "EXQUISITELYGEEK" at check out before it expires so that you will get $5 off your order!