Five Ways I Defeat My Slump

I must admit that I was not excited about writing a blog for today.  I initially thought I was going to do a post for Female Geek Blogger's #5FandomFriday, but I just couldn't motivate myself to write.

After much deliberation (i.e. procrastination) I thought I'd share how I got over my writers hump this week! Bonus Nic Cage gif for your Friday enjoyment!

1) My guilty pleasure music definitely helped me this week.  My commute plus the type of work I've been doing recently has provided me with the opportunity to catch up on my podcasts, and it took me a while to figure out what to do since my podcast play list was down to 5.  The answer: 90s Pandora!

2) Part of my job this week has included finding local Dallas blogs to partner with for a Marketing Opportunity (if you fit this bill, let me know by emailing Looking at other blogs helped me find things that I wanted to incorporate into this blog and helped me find things I did not like as well.

3)  The excitement I have for future blogs! In September, we're having a family focused giveaway every Family Wednesday!  That's three giveaway opportunities in one month (#FamilySeptember).  All of these products are ones that I have in my own home and come from truly family based companies that I can't wait to share with all of you!

4)  The thought of A2-D2's disappointment face if I missed my blog post.  Though I know we both miss deadlines on occasion, it is nice to have a blogging partner to keep you honest and on schedule.  If I was just blogging by myself, Exquisitely Geek would never have made it much farther than our first birthday!

5) It sounds cheesy, but YOU our readers are another great motivator for weeks where I don't want to write.
A2-D2 and I knew this would be a fun adventure, but we never thought that we'd make a wave much larger than our own friend groups. We have steady readers in 5 countries, and I couldn't be more appreciative!

I hope you find something to help push you through Friday, but just in case you don''s a little more Nic Cage...enjoy!

Exquisitely Geek

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