Geeky Movie Dates

Before Amelia, The Captain and I use to have date nights by playing Borderlands. Since Amelia, our time to play video games has significantly decreased.  Because of that, we've had to find new ways to have a date night! Our current date night fad is watching movie series over the course of multiple days.  This allows for a movie per night, and the ability to take nights off if needed.  Here's some of our "go to" movies for date night(s)!

The Harry Potter Movies is what started our movie date nights.  The Captain has never read the books - I know, crazy, right! - but he was interested in seeing the series from beginning to end.  I will admit that after seeing the movies in order, he's interested in reading the books to Amelia!

This is The Captain's guilty pleasure, and with a sequel now available, it's been added to the date nights!

I purchased this in Blue Ray for The Captain since he would watch it every time it came on TV. He loves the original and #3 is my favorite!

Finally, what geeky date night would be complete without the original Star Wars trilogy?  I was never into this fandom until I married The Captain, and I will say that being able to see the full movie (vs. the edited for tv version) made me understand the fans much better!

What are your favorite geeky movies? Check back in on Friday with A2-D2 for Fandom Friday!

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  1. I love date night with my guy. Last date night where we stayed in and binged on movies- we watched the Evil Dead movies. He had never seen them. It was so much fun!

  2. Great idea! I haven't seen them either.