High Five Fandom Phrases

In every fandom, there are certain phrases that, when uttered, can immediately illicit an emotional response. On this week's high five, we are going to talk about my favorite phrases from fandoms and how I personally connect with them.

1) Come along, Pond.

A2-D2 has used this phrase for Treyson whenever he lagged behind somewhere. Treyson has always thought "Pond" was the coolest nickname ever. My Amelia was also partially named for Amelia Pond, and now that she is mobile, I find myself saying this phrase as well. I hope she grows up to be as brave as her namesakes!

2) Always.

This is such a loaded word for this fandom that I do not think I can do it justice in a brief post. I will just leave it here for consideration.

3) Mischief Managed.

I always found it an interesting dichotomy that the closing phrase for the map was "mischief managed." When you think of what the map was used for, rarely was it actually used for mischief. I quickly learned with this fandom that "mischief" was a relative term!

4) Tea. Earl grey. Hot.

There is always time for a nice cuppa. (Follow #100cupsoftea and #100cupsofcoffee as me and fellow nerdy bloggers document our caffeine)

5) Why is the rum gone?

As a family who enjoys their rum, this phrase is thrown around my house all too often! It always bringing a smile to my face as I visualize Captain Jack's look of terror as he realized there was no rum!

I hope your week has been splendid and that you have a lovely weekend. Remember: Driver picks the music. Shotgun shuts his cake hole.

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  1. As an insanely crazy tea drinkin' gal, I need to follow #100cupsoftea. Great idea!

    1. You could join us! We are on Twitter and Instagram!

  2. Hahaha I use the why is the rum always gone one to a lot although it's almost never in regards to rum lol but on the theme of drinks I totally need to start doing the 100 cups tag to it looks like fun xoxo


    1. Join us! It's become this wonderful small gang!

  3. Love love love the inclusion of Jack's rum line. It's uttered in my family a lot too!

  4. Ha! Love the inclusion of the Earl Grey line (<3 Picard), and that your daughter's nickname is Pond!

  5. Love why is the rum gone! POTC is one of my faves!!
    xx mal @ www.badwolfbrunch.com

  6. Ahahahahaha xDDDD Loved them! I think I will stick with Picard's tea. Earl Grey. :D

  7. hahaha, the rum:) The first one is so sweet!