I'm Falling for Doctor Who

So it is not big secret that I am a Whovian.  I have been for years, and I will always identify as one. This past season I fell behind on my watching schedule which is odd for me, but then even more traumatic when we decided to go cordless and I couldn't get my hands on the last half of Series 8... you can ask the Ninja...I may or may not have shed one single dramatic tear.

But alas, fear not Whovian slackers! If you have fallen behind on your favorite series you should feel some relief thanks to the ever trusty Netflix. Series 8 hits Netflix on August 8, 2015.  Traditionally Netflix inks a deal with the Networks to release their previous series/season run two weeks before the new series/season is set to air. It's a genius idea honestly. It helps fulfill people's needs to see a season that they missed, while building hype and conversation for the upcoming season. Those marketing geniuses though... Luckily enough for us, the BBC is releasing Series 8 about 6 weeks prior to the new Series premier on September 19.

Also, to cap off the amazing they want you to relive whatever traumatic event they subjected us loyal and loving Whovians to in the two part finale in 3-D. The BBC recently announced a new showing of "Dark Winter" and "Death and Heaven" in theaters. They are releasing the finales just in time for your Season 9 premiere so that you can make a late week date series out of it. Please Note: The original press release states that the dates were September 17 & 18, but the Fathom website has them listed at September 15 & 16. Please check with your local theater for clarification. The theater premieres will also host some new exclusives hosted by Wil Wheaton and a never before seen prequel to the "The Magicians Apprentice" (Season 9 premiere.) Tickets are available at 700 theaters world wide through Fathom Events. They went on sale last Friday (July 31!)

Are you guys as excited about the new series as I am? I have already made arrangements to have viewing parties at my parents house so I won't fall behind again this year!!! I will see you guys on Fandom Friday! Until then and as always, stay exceptionally chic & exquisitely geek!

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  1. I'm really excited! I love Doctor Who! I'm not one of the fans that gets upset every time the Doctor regenerates. I welcome it! Although, I have been watching the show since the 80's I was a kid when I first began watching it. It all started with the 4th Doctor for me via reruns on PBS. But since I've been watching it I've gotten used to see the Doctor change so I'm always happy to see a new one. See what a new actor will bring to the show.

    Saying this I think Peter Capaldi is doing a great job as the Doctor, he has tons of wiggle room. And I'm interested to see where he takes the show, but I'm over Clara and I'm ready for a new companion. Someone that compliments him rather then constantly fight against him. :P

  2. I can't wait for Doctor Who to return! Netflix is awesome because Doctor Who is on there but also harmful because Doctor Who is on there. My queue is so long and I'm stuck on the tenth doctor for now. It'll be great when BBC starts replaying episodes; the anticipation will be amped up so much more. :)