It's Fandom Friday!

You know how sometimes you just want a bowl of your PawPaw's Chicken and Dumplings or your MawMaw's homemade Mac & Cheese? Just me, oh okay. Well how about when you at home sick in bed and you just need some Netflix binge to make you feel just a bit better? Some fandoms are just comfort fandoms. Some shows just make you feel better by their mere presences. Whether it is a break up, flu, or just a tough Tuesday at the office every girl enjoys a big bowl of ice cream, or half gallon, and a few episode of their comfort Fandom. Some of mine may not be super typical, but they make me nostalgic, happy, and most importantly warm and fuzzy inside.

Harry Potter

I mean who hasn't gotten sucked into ABCFamily's Harry Potter Weekend a time or dozen? 

Okay, okay, probably not what you were expecting. I totally got sucked into this show when it debuted while I was in high school and I have watched literally every episode a dozen times. I'm a big sucker for a show that has a great taste in music, and One Tree Hill had one of the best. 

We had this chat on Monday, no need to rehash. It will always be the show with infinite episodes to wash away the rainy days. 

Firefly will forever be the show that should have lived forever. At least in my book. 

I mean, any of them really. They offer a sure sense of nostalgia, and to top it off...if I watch any of these I get the cuddles of a really sweet seven year old to make me feel better too! 

I hope you guys have a great weekend and enjoy some time with your loved ones! I will see you guys again at Wednesday! 

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