Sovereign's Journey

I had the opportunity to meet Danielle Wedgeworth at Dallas Comic Con (Fan Expo Dallas) where she introduced me to her newest book, Sovereign's Journey. Set in the year 2084, the reader is introduced to a world ravaged by a decade of war; where humans have achieved space travel; artificial intelligence has become sentient; and there is now a worldwide government.

I will admit that I was initially skeptical about this book. What grabbed my attention was her commitment to the preparation, research, and design of this world. This image hooked me in:
Wedgeworth worked with B-2 Tool Designer, Tom Terrell, who helped her design a technologically realistic spacecraft. I've read many science fiction novels where the spacecraft has fundamental aeronautical or design errors that the author hopes the reader will overlook; therefore, Wedgeworth's dedication to accuracy in her science struck me as unique and worth a read. Once I completed the novel, I found that she has an entire timeline of political events beginning in 2016 leading to the world presented in her book. This timeline can be found on her website. Though it is not necessary to have the timeline prior to your reading, it does shed some light on the strong political environment which controls the actions of these characters.

Sovereign's Journey follows Lieutenant Rachael Shumway whose recent feat of saving her ship, and the thousands of colonists on board, from a failing in the drive core was not treated as an act of heroism at home on Earth. Lieutenant Shumway is being placed on trial; she is being accused for the drive core failure and the loss of life that occurred after. With little hope of her career remaining unscathed by these charges, Shumway must decide who to trust in order to secure a peaceful life for her and her pair bond Jaden.

There are a number of things that kept me reading in Danielle's book:
  • The world has turned to a single government. Imagine a world with no countries differing on opinion: there is one supreme government.
  • As a result of the wars, all public displays of religion are illegal. This has caused a subsection of society to exist who illegally, and secretively, worship.
  • Because of the ban on religion, all religions have begun working together to secure religious freedom.
  • Artificial Intelligence has developed to the point of gaining sentience. This has also given these AIs the ability to marry. This is the type of relationship Jaden and Shumway share, but it is still taboo though legal.
Like most novels we review, it is difficult to tell you of all the excitement contained in this story without giving away part of the work. What I will say is Danielle Wedgeworth's Sovereign's Journey is an exceptional example of how the science fiction genre can be utilized to shine a light on the positive and negative potentials of the human race. I strongly recommend that you grab a copy of this book yourself! If you enjoy ebooks, Sovereign's Journey is available through numerous booksellers. You can find a seller that you like by visiting a listing of stores that sell Sovereign's Journey here. If you prefer the physical copy, it is available through Amazon or Wedgeworth's personal online store. The second book in this trilogy, Liberty's Crucible, has an anticipated release of Spring 2016.

If you enjoy a physical book, Danielle is partnering with Exquisitely Geek to give one lucky reader a personalized signed copy! Just enter using the form below, and happy reading! If you enjoy the book, give a review on Amazon; Danielle has put aside 20 books that she will sign for the first 20 reviews on Amazon.  Just read the book, review, and contact her directly through her website.  Good luck in the drawing!

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Thank you to Dallas Comic Con for the press passes, and a special Thank You to Danielle for partnering with us to share this great book!

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  1. Awesome! I'm always looking for new books to read, and this sounds fascinating!

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