Five Fandom Deaths I'm STILL Upset About...SPOILERS!

You guys...We made it to another Friday!!! And it is a three day weekend so that's like a cherry on top of an already awesome event! Wholly moly, can we handle it? I think we can! Today we've got five fandom deaths that I just can't recover from. I'm gonna be all white girl and say when each of these happened I just "can't even!" I tend to be a bit of a crier, and you know each of these made me spill a few dramatic tears, but of course each of them was a sacrifice to the storyline gods so there is something admirable about their deaths. 

Wash's story is so much more tragic when you consider he spent his entire childhood on a planet where the pollution was so thick he never got a chance to see the stars and he was married to the ship's first mate, Zoe Alleyne Washburne. I mean, Wash was also a dinosaur lover and that hits me right in the feels. 

I don't want to sound harsh here, but if you are a Whovian you are used to Rory dying. He died like a hundred thousand times, give or take a thousand. Amy sacrificing herself and leaving The Doctor was what really got me. The three of them had been a family. The Doctor lost his family, again, in their death and that destroyed every part of me. 

Rue's death is the basis for every part of The Hunger Games afterward. Everyone felt how unjust and unfair a game like that could be, but you couldn't feel it really until you watch someone you cared about lose that battle. She was the martyr that the series needed, and even worse...she was just a little kid. 

Fred wasn't just a single person. I mean, he was, but he was part of a pair. A partnership. A dynamic duo. He left George behind. Of all of the people that died during the Battle of Hogwarts, Fred was the only member that was part of the Weasley family, and part of Harry's family for that matter. I boohooed like a baby when he died. I mean, I lost my freaking mind. It still hits me hard in the feels. 
So Jack made the list for two reasons. 1) History. I mean, I am the history buff of the bunch. 2) Could he have fit on the door? Was there enough room on the door? Everyone has their opinion. 

You guys have a great weekend and make sure to check out other geeky bloggers Fandom Fridays! I'll see you guys on Wednesday with an Everyday Cosplay for you. Until then, and as always, stay exceptionally chic & exquisitely geek! 

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  1. Yes to ALL of these....both Fred and Wash made my list as well!