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Some of you may know that, during the day, I work for a symphony orchestra in North Texas.  Because of this, I have found myself reading many more blogs and articles surrounding new discoveries in music, and I wanted to share one such blog with you for today's art focus!

About a month ago, the blog Colossal shared the work of Stephen Orlando, photographer.  Stephen Orlando specializes in what he calls motion exposure photography.  Stephen uses carefully placed LED lights and long exposure to track movement through space.  His most recent piece followed the motion of string players!
Image copyright Stephen Orlando; obtained from Colossal blog

In most of Orlando's previous work with sports and water, the subject moved through space allowing Orlando's camera to track the motion of the LED lights.  With musicians, their movements do not shift horizontally through the air making it more difficult to capture the motion of their bow.  Orlando's solution was simple - move the camera!  By moving the camera, Orlando was able to capture the bow's movement through space.  
Image copyright Stephen Orlando; obtained from Colossal blog

More great images can be found on Colossal's blog as well as Stephen Orlando's personal blog!

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