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Do any of you ever have one of those weeks? You know the weeks, the ones where you work your cute little tush off knocking task after task off you to do list feeling accomplished and awesome about yourself....

only to find a new to do list waiting for you first thing Saturday morning. Adulting. Adulting is hard people.

I mean, it does have its occasional perks. Tuesday night I was home alone because of a freak occurrence that involved Treyson having plans and Rafael being at rarely happens people. But...since I was home alone and could have pretty much anything I wanted for dinner without having to answer to a single soul about it... I had Cinnamon Toast. This is the closest recipe I can on the internet to the one I have always used. I don't traditionally use nutmeg, but now I'm going to try it. I usually make a big batch of the cinnamon butter to have on hand waiting, hoping, calling out into the ether for the world to grant me the opportunity to make cinnamon toast for dinner.

Also, my parents recently lost an alien. My Dad has placed tiny little knick knacks above door jams in my parents house for years, much to my mother's chagrin. He asked me to put the word out that his little green alien recently disappeared. It was above the door jam into the game room. He assumed that Treyson had moved him and now feels a tremendous amount of guilt that he has been missing this long and no one had been looking for him. If you see an alien that looks like this, but email us and let us know!

This weekend I deep cleaned my house in prep for the Fall season. I know it sounds strange but I do this at all of the big changes of the year. I use the season changes as I type of reminder to do that dreaded day long task. I clean the house pretty much every weekend, but deep cleaning includes all of those things you don't usually do on a normal basis. I use this list from the Clean Mama. It's great and helps me keep track of the things I have completed and what I need to plan ahead for. Pinterest is stocked full of daily cleaning lists, weekly cleaning lists, and deep cleaning lists just like this. They are super handy. I even keep our weekly cleaning list in 8 x 10 photo from to check off what I have done with a dry erase marker.

Recently I got a haircut as part of wedding prep. I know that sounds silly since the wedding is a little over a year away, but my hair grows terribly terribly unbearably slow. Like painfully slow. So, I knew that I needed to give the dead ends the banishment and start fresh early enough for my hair to grow back to its cap length. My hair never grows longer than about 18 inches from root to end and I knew that she was going to have to chop about 5-6 inches off and I was going to need a while to grow that mess back! After I cut it I realized that I wanted to start trying to style it a different way and I found this on one of my Ulta visits. I thought it looked interesting and I have to say, I like it. It's definitely not my traditional look, but it provides a really great "blown out" look! The Small Things blog recently did a tutorial on how to use this new type of styling tool here and it is great! I have followed Kate for years and I absolutely love her blogs!

Okay, so that's a big of what has been going on with me. Stick around for Friday when I blog about the five things I love most about Fall! Until then, and as always, stay exceptionally chic and exquisitely geek!

P.S. There are 95 days until we get to see the beauty of Star Wars!

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