Monday Fandom Craziness's been one heck of a week. I don't even know where to start with that so I'm just going to leave it right here and I'll revisit it when I have time to process what is happening. Just know that I love you  guys and I love blogging, but man... too much life/work happening right now.

Okay, so fandom news. Let's see, what do I got.

Oh!!!! I know. I know.

Let's talk about this guy.

So many amazing things have been released as part of the Star Wars press launch. I mean, Target's had midnight openings just for the blitz, but so many retailers have released awesome Star Wars related items in prep for December's new film. There is a Covergirl collaboration (I will be bringing you swatches of all of that goodness when I can get my hands on the limited edition run) and $4,000 Millennium Falcon inspired bed from Pottery Barn. 

So far the only thing that our family has really gotten our hands on though is the miniature BB-8 Droid from Target. Priced at $79.99 it is certainly a reasonable toy for today's market, but we have figured out a few quirks that come with this adorable little droid. 

He may, or may not, speak to you at random times...especially when he's upset he's been placed in the laundry hamper. 

His head is his biggest down fall. Being magnetized it will fall off when the droid begins to move with too much force...pun intended. I have caught myself telling Treyson to be "gentle with droid" much like you would remind him to be a gentle with a small child. 

His head makes for a fun fetch toy for the dog. Unfortunately, Lily did not bother to tell us that she was planning to use it for that purpose. The phrase "Mom! Lily stole BB-8's head right off his body!" are words I never thought I'd hear uttered in our home. 

Cats really freaking hate this thing. 

Overall, I think it's more of an adult collector toy, but I'd advise them to go with more tricked out version. If you are going to collect, go for the good stuff. I think it is perfectly suitable for an 8 year old, but he does get frustrated with the lack of head fastening and has recently started calling his new toy 'headless BB-8" so there's that. 

You guys have an awesome Monday and I will see you again on Friday for a High 5! As always, stay exceptionally chic and exquisitely geek! 

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  1. I really, really want a BB8 and absolutely plan to ask Santa for one for Xmas :)

  2. I got to see a BB8 rolling around at New York Comic Con and HE IS EVERY BIT AS ADORABLE AS YOU'D THINK. I was like, "meh" until I saw him in real life (IRL?!?!) and oh my gosh is he the cutest. He has such a spunky personality which sounds crazy to say about a robot but DAMN he's adorable!!!