Favorite Fictional Teachers

Let's talk about professors. Teachers.  Those individuals who shape our lives.  Even in our fictional worlds teachers play a large role and today, Exquisitely Geek is talking about our five favorite professors.

1) I'm not going to lie that for a moment I thought about if it was a show of disloyalty for a Hufflepuff to say that one of my favorite professors was McGonagall, but I realized that I'm sure there are other Hufflepuffs that share my awe of this great woman. She stood up to the greatest villain ever written (Dolores Umbridge), and in that moment, I wanted to get a beer with her.


X-Men wikki

2) It took me forever to decide who I liked the best from Xavier's School..., and I decided I couldn't pick based on what they may teach. I needed to pick based on who I'd get along with best. Gambit.  We're both from Louisiana and there is an odd bond between Louisianians.

3) I will admit that this next professor is emotionally driven from a performing arts major who was first introduced to this teacher during pregnancy - not a good combo.  John Keating, Dead Poets Society, reminded me of some of my professors from college - or at least what many of my professors strove to be. May we always remember to stand upon our desks to see the world differently every now and again!


4) The bibliophile in me could not leave out Diana Bishop from the All Souls Trilogy written by Deborah Harkness.  Dr. Bishop is a witch who is determined to leave behind her powers and make a name for herself based solely upon her scholastic achievements.  Because of this combo, she is a wonderfully nerdy character.  The excitement she expresses over the potential of seeing a new manuscript or walking the halls of a historic building makes me believe she would be an amazing professor based upon her true passion for her subject.

5) I can't forget one of my first fictional teachers - Ms. Frizzle.  She's just amazing!

Be sure to tell your favorite teachers, fictional and factual, how much they have effected your life.  Until next time...

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  1. Ms. Frizzle is so awesome - she almost made my list :)