Five Things I Love About Halloween!

It's almost here! It's almost here! You know that Halloween is almost here!

If you are local to the Shreveport/Bossier area don't forget that we offer Trick or Treating in the museum from 4:30 - 6:30 for the kiddos.

Just to get everyone excited about next Saturday here are the five things I love about Halloween!

1. Swapzies
So we don't really do candy in our house so every halloween night we hold "Swapzies." Treyson trades in all of his candy that he had collected for a toy that he has been wanting. It is one way to avoid the "Can I have a piece of candy?" question for months on end! 

2. Group Costumes
You know that if you are going to be Hawkeye you must recruit your Momma and Aunts to participate. 

3.  Toothbrushes
...because we had a dentist that lived on the corner and you was his moral obligation.

4. Pizza & Pumpkins 
Every Halloween my Mom would order pizza and let us carve pumpkins to kill time after school, but before it was time to trick or treat. I have carried this tradition to the best of my ability...because you

5. Treat Bags 
Bunny Cakes Blog 
I love making treat bags for Treyson's class. These are so cute and you can find instructions on the BunnyCakes Blog

I'll see you guys on Wednesday to talk about my costume process! I know that you some of you guys may still be voting so hop on over to my Halloween Costume...uh, Cosplay...I'm trying to make this work here...  blog to vote on the costume you want to see! 

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