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Unless you were living under a social media rock, you know that we recently celebrated the official Back to the Future day.  This is the day that Marty and Doc travel to in Back to the Future II, and we celebrated what the movie got right (and wrong).  In honor of this great Geek Day, I'm celebrating 5 of my favorite Back to the Future things.

(1) Every good nerdy movie creates artistic interpretation (Thank You ETSY!). A2-D2 introduced me to the idea of minimalist movie posters, and I made sure to buy The Captain a set. They are proudly hung in our guest bedroom. . . you really can't escape the nerd in my house.
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(2) One of my favorite "test your nerd-ness" lines comes from this series:

if you get this joke, we are automatically friends!

(3) The aspirations that the writers had for 2015 technology.  I still remember watching this movie for the first time thinking 2015 was so far away! They nailed a few things like personal drones, mobile pay technology, and biometrics.  You can see a full list from Time.

(4) The storyline consistency is impeccable.  In BTTF II, future Biff is watching a history program on the old west and learning about Mad Dog Tannen (who is the bad guy in BTTF III).  In BTTF III, we learn that Mad Dog Tannen is Biff's ancestor.  

(5) Science Fiction, specifically that involving time travel, was rocked when a time machine was created out of something so ordinary as a car.  Doc didn't need to find some mythical particle, steal a spaceship, or create a contraption of questionable safety - he simply modified a car.  For the future of the genre, it opened up a door (okay doors) that hadn't been explored before and gave a dying car company a boost in sales!
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After this week, Back to the Future will only take place in the past, but I do not foresee it becoming obsolete in geeky culture anytime soon!  I think this weekend The Captain and I will have to have a marathon! Have an exceptionally geeky weekend...until Monday...

Interested in more Back to the Future discussions of what makes it special? Check out the special Back in Time now on Netflix!

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  1. I completely agree that most nerdy show creates amazing inspiration for art. This was totally fun. We haven't introduced our son to Back to the Future but I'm pretty sure he is going to love it.