Lichtenstein Girl It Is!

A couple weeks ago I asked all of our awesome EG readers to help me decide on a Halloween Costume for this year, and it was awesome. I loved seeing all of your comments about the reasons for your choices and I was surprised that so many of you kept my personal preferences in mind. Surprisingly enough "Lichtenstein Girl" won, but it wasn't a landslide. Most people mentioned my love for makeup as one of their primary reasons and I so appreciate you guys taking my preferences into account. Also, I'm loving this choice because I will spend most of Halloween evening at the Museum and who doesn't want to be Lichtenstein Girl at an art gallery?

So, I have been doing some research for this costume and I have decided to go with this image.

As with all of the costumes I work on or cook up I work from a check list so here is what I'm looking at currently: 

Headband with comic "OHHH...ALRIGHT..." attachment 
nude nail polish
black cardigan (work appropriate) 
black liquid liner
black gel liner
cranberry eyeshadow (dots)
light pink shimmer (lids)  
light foundation and contour shade 
small circle stencil
black handset phone 

Thanks to YouTube I have looked through a BUNCH of "Lichtenstein Girl" tutorials, the the one I have settled on is embedded below.

video credit: Jen Pike

Now I think for the biggest question, should I add the trademark tear? I am using the image above because I us my natural hair which I'll be honest is a big selling point for me, but this particular image doesn't have the tear. Creative liberties? What do you guys think? 

Would you guys like to see a Vlog of the process? You know me, I love doing that type of stuff! Just leave a comment down below if that is something that you are interested in. On the next cosplay blog we will have a guest blogger talk about the ever popular princess parties and what happens when a little girl would rather have Wonder Woman show up to her party instead. Until next time, and as always, stay exceptionally chic & exquisitely geek! 

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  1. I would love to see a Vlog about it - I'm sure it's going to turn out so cool!