So what has been going on...

Lots. The answer is lots has been going on. There have been Doctor Who LEGO sets announced, a world premier date of Star Wars set, Disney sing-a-long reunions and new movie dates announced, and a final Hunger Games trailer was released...oh my.

So lets break this down....

The Doctor Who LEGO sets have long been in talks, especially around this blog, but this week they broke some awesome news about the kits. IGN has released full images of the sets and they will (hopefully) be available in December. Here is a sneak peak of the set from the Doctor Who channel on Youtube...

Star Wars will have it's World Premier on December 14th in Los Angeles and London. You know, in case you want to hit those up. The Ninja and I will hanging out at our local Regal at Midnight, you budget.

The lovely voices that brought Aladdin to life relived the moment this week on Good Morning America. It basically shut the Internet down for a bit. Here is a link where you can find the magic: Aladdin is being released from the vault tomorrow so grab a copy for your collection.

The Hunger Games released it's final trailer before it's November 20, 2015 release date. As usual I'm excited about the release, but I'm also excited to see the end of the films. I love the Hunger Games, I love the books, I love the movies, I love Jennifer Lawrence, but the movies are starting to feel like the longest most drawn out breakup in all of history.

Oh, and you can find the new Disney release dates through 2018 on the Hollywood Reporter website.

I hope you guys have an awesome week! I will see you again on Friday, but don't worry...Seven of Ten will be here on Wednesday with a Home & Life update. Until then, and as always, stay exceptionally chic & exquisitely geek!  

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