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We would be doing our readers a disservice if we did not mention the current state of affairs across the globe within the context of our bi-weekly history blog topics. Then I realized that I didn't know how to narrow down the focus nor did I want to ignore the numerous victims from the past year. So, today's blog will focus on the positive, focus on remembering these iconic places as they were meant to be remembered. I want to focus on the concert hall attacked this weekend in Paris and share its history and beauty with you.

Designed in 1864 by the architect Charles Duval, its name refers to an operetta by Offenbach, but it is also a pun on the expression tout le bataclan (the whole caboodle). Originally designed for vaudeville, the first design housed a cafe-theatre and dance floor. The building continued to see new management throughout its life and redesigns in order to stay relevant to an ever-changing arts scene. It is currently known for its eclectic programming of entertainment programs.
All below photos from Bataclan Facebook Page

The attacks on Paris this weekend were difficult for me to digest. My friend said it better than I could:
So the attacks in Paris yesterday got me really bad. I didn't know why since I've never been to Paris and it's not even a blip on the radar of places I'd like to visit. Maybe I don't need a reason but I kept thinking about it. Sure it's probably because it's a place that's very much like America (you can read in some statement about skin color, it's ok) so I could familiarize myself with it. But I'm not typically that kind of person. So I kept thinking. Then I realized. One of the places that was brutally attacked was a concert hall. My life has always revolved around music and theater and entertainment. I work somewhere that is literally meant to be an escape from the everyday. So when things like movie theaters and concert halls are becoming the newest trend of places to kill people, that's the part that hits home. These weren't politicians or business people or whatever. These were people who planned an evening out with loved ones or budding romances. These were people who worked tirelessly to bring music to life, to add something to the mundane. That's me. That's what I do. That's why I cried reading news article after news article. I am old enough to remember when terrorism was a foreign word that meant "not here". I am old enough to know where I was and what I was doing when that changed. And now I am old enough to say that I am terrified of what comes next.
I don't know if any of that makes sense and maybe it doesn't have to. I just needed, for my own piece of mind, a reason so that I can say, "what's next". What do I do next?
Continually striving we attain to seek a life useful.

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  1. I'm saddened and sickened by the current state of affairs and your friend's statement sums it up perfectly. What really struck me was that it was at a concert - something I love to go to and do often - and sadly now will always feel ever so slightly apprehensive to go to.