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Hey Guys! Just a little update about blog posts this week!

I took a little big of a vacation from life, and inadvertently from the blog. It was never my intention to bail on blogging this week, but I totally got overwhelmed with driving, packing, organizing, planning, and allergies. Yep, allergies. Turns out I am very allergic to my cousins dogs. Like, misery allergic.

We visited the Texas State Aquarium, went shopping at a few outlets, smuggled Blue Bell Ice Cream back to Louisiana, celebrated my Aunt's Birthday, enjoyed Thanksgiving, took part in a bit of black Friday shopping and I finally landed in my pizza pajamas! You can follow me on Instagram @imA2D2 for more up to date posting. We will be back on schedule for our MWF positing next week, so until then and as always, stay exceptionally chic & exquisitely geek!

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