Fandoms I'm Thankful For

With the social media push to have 30 days of thankfulness in your status, I decided that Exquisitely Geek needed to participate in the #5FandomFriday post about the fandoms we are thankful for.  Even though A2-D2 is technically "off" today in terms of posting, we both wanted to share fandoms that were/are important to us with you.

Star Trek. For me, this was an immediate inclusion.  Star Trek helped me learn to read as I memorized the credits to Next Generation, taught me about inclusion and diversity, and encouraged me to never back down.

Doctor Who. A2-D2 added this one saying that it encourages her to believe in the goodness of humankind.

Firefly. As a lifelong nerd, I've be blessed to always see strong women characters, and Firefly is an amazing example of this.  Strong women, moral code of conduct (even for outlaws), and a wonderful fan group (Browncoats).
Star Wars. This is definately an A2-D2 add.  Star Wars was her first love, like Star Trek was for me.

Harry Potter. This is a fandom for both of us that was instrumental to our childhood.  A2-D2 write a wonderful post about the importance of this fandom which you can check out here.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend, and wish luck to those preparing to host family over the upcoming holiday.  Remember to always keep it exceptionally chic and exquisitely geek!

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  1. Fantastic choices, and I agree completely! I fondly remember bonding with my family over TNG (and conversations about whether warp drive and food replicators could be feasibly possible). Happy Friday!

  2. Awesome list - I remember watching many a TNG and DS9 episode with my dad growing up :)