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I've been a bit behind on getting my blogs up for our 3:30am posting, but I'm trying.  I'm also a bit behind on my #FandomFriday posts as well - so I thought I could at least catch up on that!  As many of you know, The Captain and I cut the cable cord in our home about a year ago.  We currently watch tv via netflix, hulu, sling, and antenna (depending on what we want to watch and when).  So, I want to bring you, not only my favorite Halloween tv episodes, but also give you episodes that you can watch now via these streaming services!

(1) Bob's Burgers - S6, E3 - The Hauntening - Available via Hulu

When Louise reveals that she has never been scared before, the family sets out to visit a spooky haunted house. What's great about this episode (and most Bob's episodes) is that it has such a realistic feel. This could really happen to a family, and I just can't say no to more Tina.  What's great about this episode is that it's unclear how the arc will play out (it's clear how it should) but because you don't know it does have some classic horror elements to the viewer!

(2) Brooklyn Nine-Nine - S1, E6 - Halloween

This is the episode where it all begins.  If you're a Brooklyn Nine-Nine fan, you know that one of the running jokes is Charles' love of all things Halloween, and his inability to conform to mainstream Halloween costumes.  This is a great way to wet your Brooklyn Nine-Nine whistle!

(3) The Simpsons - various - Treehouse of Horror - Available via Hulu

I'm a sucker for animation, but I really love a short.  The Simpsons Tree House of Horror is a perfect blend of animation, humor, and time commitment.

(4)  Bob's Burgers - S3, E2 - Full Bars - Available via Netflix

In this episode the Belcher kids break with tradition and end up trick or treating on the "rich" island nearby where it is rumored that houses give away full candy bars!  Like any good Belcher Halloween episode, it wouldn't be complete without complication.  Louise sets out to "save the town" from the older kids who come out at dark to steak candy from kids.

(5) Community - S3, E5 - Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps - Available via Hulu

In this episode, Brita's anonymous psych quiz reveals that one of her friends has psychopathic tendencies, and she spends the episode trying to find who it is.  This episode is full of obscure pop references that everyone can enjoy!

See yall next week!

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