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Brittany Gray is a mother of two, bartender extraordinaire, excellent writer, and close personal friend. Her blog "The Bar Between Us" depicts her fascinating life on the other side of the local watering hole. In her spare time Brittany is a connoisseur of coffee, ringleader of a gang of anime/video game fanatics, and my very appreciated volunteer wedding planner. Today Brittany has kindly agreed to blog about the day she assumed the role of Wonder Woman and the effect she feels superheroes have on young ladies lives. 

Super heroes have been prominent figures in children’s lives for many decades. They hold a high
moral standing and fight to protect those who are incapable of protecting themselves. Princesses are
beautiful figures in children’s lives. They teach children to remain hopeful and there is such a thing as a “happily ever after”. As a product of the 90’s, I was forced into believing that every girl should strive to be a princess. With luscious hair and luminous skin, the world will eventually grovel at my feet. It was a hard concept for me to buy into. I grew up with brothers who early on taught me to stand up for myself and to not rely on anyone else to rescue me. I must rescue myself. My goal as a child was to be beautiful and self-sufficient. That is when I discovered comics. Naturally, I favored Wonder Woman. She was quite appealing to me for several reasons. I resembled her. We both have thick dark hair, light eyes, curves with a somewhat athletic build. Also, she could hang with the guys with great ease. I used to pride myself on being a tough chick who could do anything the guys could do, sometimes better than them. I then viewed princesses as weak simpleminded characters with no depth or strength whatsoever. There was never a day since that I dreamt to be one.

One evening I was asked by a friend to attend her daughters fifth birthday as Wonder Woman. I
was extremely honored and graciously accepted the proposal. Finally I could portray the woman who I most admired! The coolest part of the proposal was that a five year old little girl wanted a super hero themed birthday party. That is such a rarity! It provided me with a little more hope for young girls’ futures. Princesses are out, super heroes are in! I then purchased a costume, planned my makeup, and got everything in order for my appearance as Diana. I also arranged for my five year old to dress as Super Girl, my boyfriend as The Punisher, and my baby as Batgirl. Yes, we did combine universes, but it was a superhero themed party after all.

The morning of the party finally arrived, and I was a bit nervous. I was worried the kids wouldn’t understand who I was or would recognize me as Ms. Brittany. I threw my costume on, applied my makeup, styled my hair, and bolted out the door. The party was held at a local trampoline park that is swarmed with children and parents alike. I took a deep breath and crossed the threshold into unchartered territory. I walked into the park fully exposed as Diana while Brittany remained at the door. Suddenly I heard loud gasps and dads hollering “Oh my gosh, it’s Wonder Woman!” Mind you, people who weren’t a part of the party were equally excited and dashed towards me for hugs and photo ops. When I finally made it to the party area, the kids were joyous and overwhelmed with excitement. They asked me funny questions like “Did you take your invisible jet here?” and “Was Superman jealous that you were invited to the party but he wasn’t?” Portraying Wonder Woman felt so natural for me. I answered questions, took many photos with the kids (and their parents), jumped on the trampolines, and played “Who wore it better” with a few of my child look-a-likes. I truly believe that the coolest part for the kids was that Wonder Woman sang happy birthday to the birthday girl. Quite honestly, I wouldn’t know what I would do if Wonder Woman came to one of my birthday parties as a kid. More than likely, I would shut down and remain mind blown.

The most beautiful thing from my cosplay experience were the looks of admiration the children gave me. They looked up to me, Diana, which gave me a higher sense of purpose. It wasn’t so much dressing up as Wonder Woman that moved me, it was being the strong influential woman that every little girl and boy needs in their lives. Having strong mentors, both super heroes and parents, alike, is very important in a young child’s upbringing.  As a mother, I hope to be that strong female influence in my daughters’ lives, much like Wonder Woman was for me.

I will see you next Monday for a Fandom Update! Until then, and as always, stay exceptionally chic & exquisitely geek! Oh, and go check out The Bar Between Us!

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