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If you've followed us for any period of time, you know that A2-D2 is addicted to podcasts and I'm not far behind! Recently, I've been thinking about how vague the term "art" is and trying to decide what fits into this massive category for me Since I'm now blogging about it every other week. During my self-exploration, I decided that podcasts count as part of the art spectrum. I am an extremely auditory individual and if you can captivate and pull me in with words alone - that is powerful, that is art.
I decided to share some of the podcasts I think are most artistic and why. I'll even recommend a favorite episode! Let's get listening!

Lore takes you through some of the world's greatest legends. Most episodes include more than one story, but no matter how many tales are spun, you'll want more.
Favorite episode: Unboxed. Scared of the movie Chucky? Then this isn't for you. Childhood toys may not always be innocent.
If you were a Serial fan, this podcasts tells of a different "criminal" on each episode. Think Serial cliff notes edition! A mix of narration and personal interviews makes these 30 minute episodes fly by!
Favorite episode: There's no Place Like Home. Exploration of the last leper colony in the U.S.!

NPR's podcast "Invisibilia" explores how invisible forces challenge us and shape our lives. Research findings, personal narratives, and interviews contribute to a compelling story.
Favorite episode: How to become Batman. An exploration of how expectations change us...and how expectations helped a blind man see.

Do you consider podcasts art? Why or why not? Check in with A2-D2 on Wednesday and I'll see you on Friday for a High Five!

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