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The day before a holiday can be stressful.  How many pies do you have to bake? Maybe you have to start your cornbread so that the stuffing is ready to go? Have you started thawing the bird?  In a day where stresses often outweigh the little joys, I have found a way for you to find the little joys while helping others in need.

If you live in the south, you're familiar with Kiddnation.  Kidd Kraddick was a morning show radio DJ whose show runs across the south. The show hosts its own charity with KiddsKids which is one of their biggest community give-backs, but not their only.  This year, they are working with Toys R Us to fulfill the wishes of children who may not get to experience a gift from Santa this year, and there is an easy way for you to help - down load the OneDay Instant Movie Maker app.

The OneDay app gives your prompts to ask your children and family members and records their responses.  Once you indicate that you are done asking questions, the app compiles the responses and puts it to background music for you!

What is great about the product is that now through November 29th (Sunday) OneDay app will donate $1 to Kidd Kraddick Morning Show (up to $5,000) toward their goal of helping children experience the best Christmas.

Here's an example of what the app may produce (cute kid not included).

This is a great way to engage the entire family this holiday and to have a time capsule of the memories.  Pass it on and download the app so that OneDay will donate $1 towards the Kidd Kraddick show.  Enjoy your bird!

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