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When I was a child, I marveled at the paper crafts where you would fold a piece of paper, make a few cuts, and end up with a snowflake!  I will admit that my downfall comes in the fact that I'm not do not possess the ability to draw a design (or cut a design) and know exactly what my snowflake will look like.  Thank you, internet, for existing.  Wenow have the ability to google snowflake patterns!  These geeky patterns below would be great for kids and crafty adults alike! There are a number of places to find patterns, but I'm going to focus on two of my favorites:

Copyright AnthonyHerraDesigns.com
Anthony Herra Designs has three primary categories for snowflakes: Frozen, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Star Wars.  Please don't think he has only one pattern per category, oh no! You can find your favorite character easily!  In his Star Wars category, there are multiple years of designs to choose from.  Here are some of my favorites (images copyright Anthony Herra Designs)!

My other favorite site is actually a tumblr: oodlycrafting. Who is heavy on the whovian themed snowflakes which can be seen on their Tumblr in pdf and completed form.

What are your favorite Nerdy Christmas Crafts?

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