#100CupsofTea, The End Game

....and now onto our originally scheduled blog post... 

In July, I joined The Nerdy Girlie in celebrating her love for Futurama by documenting #100CupsofCoffee.  Since I'm not a coffee drinker, I began working on #100CupsofTea on my Instagram (which you can follow here).  You can read about my reasoning and my inspiration for this project here.  After starting the project, the project gained other participants.  We were joined on Twitter by @Katyaowu, @SwordofNerdom, and @cuteek. We became our own little social media gang!

I took some time catching up with @Katyaowu and @TheNerdyGirlie on their progress through #100CupsofTea and #100CupsofCoffee, and you can read that post here. @TheNerdyGirlie truly found herself in the project while @Katyaowu found the comfort that a nice cuppa can provide. So, where do I stand? How is it going?

Here's to the last cup of the project:

If you're keeping up with the project, you may say "Wait! You're only on cup 50!" That's true, I'm only half way through the project in terms of cups that I've actually documented.  Here's what I've learned during these 50 virtually shared cups, moments with tea are a type of meditation for me. It is a time for me to provide myself with some time to reflect, re-center my life.  With the craziness of my life with a pre-toddler, any few moments I have are precious. For me, the five or ten minutes I get with my cup are moments where I can truly be in the now.

When I began this project, I thought it would lead me down a different path.  I thought I'd have great pictures of moments with friends or at great coffee shops.  What I found instead is that the best backdrop to tea is Sesame Street and Amelia's laugh. That's why I'm stopping mid #100CupsofTea.  Though I love sharing the cups with you, I think trying to document each cup has broken the momentary meditation and pulls me away from my mornings with Amelia.

Though I applaud the ability of other #100CupsofTea and #100CupsofCoffee participants in participating and enjoying a nice cup, I think it's time for me to bow out. If you want to keep up with the project, you can always follow the hashtags on Twitter and Instagram. Until next time...

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  1. I LOVE hearing about other's process through this project! This is just lovely! Thank you for sharing! xx