A2-D2's Year End Review

So I know that our schedule provides you guys a Cosplay Wednesday this week...

but I caught that stomach virus that everyone has been catching. It kicked my butt. 

I've been taking medication, sleeping, and crying softly into my pillow for three days now. 
(Cue the Dramatics!)

So, in light of my complete forgetfulness of a blog yesterday I thought I would do a Year End Review for you guys! These are the top things that happened every month in the year for 2015. 


January 16th is the Ninja's birthday and this year I surprised him with the gift of a cruise to the Western Caribbean, little did I know he would surprise me while we were on the cruise! 

If you want to check out the video of The Ninja opening his gift you can find it here


 Seven of Ten's First Blog Post
February was EG's One Year Anniversary! It didn't seem like a year, and certainly doesn't seem like it will be two soon! 


This may seem so silly to you guys, but The Ninja finally got new glasses in March. His had broken over a year before, but he was determined not to spend money he didn't really have at the time. Finally, in March after losing his job he decided it was time to make the investment for future job interviews. I'm so glad he did! 


In April we took that "birthday gift cruise" and then I got a little surprise proposal of my own. We had a great time with wonderful friends exploring the ship and exotic locales!  It was the best time, so much so that we are planning another NCL cruise for our honeymoon in October! 


May was the month I decided to fully accept my Type A personality. It was with the help of this article from the Huffington Post that I did so! 


Summer is all about Treyson and this summer was no exception! He dyed his hair blue and went to his first sleep away camp! It was awesome and he had a great time, with both! 


July was weird. My Lady (grandmother) died, but she had been suffering for so long that it definitely brought a sense of peace. I miss her everyday, but so much of her life was hard that it was truly a blessing that she was no longer in pain. 

Oh, and I realized I was her doppelgänger. Genes run deep man, genes run deep. 


This kid started third grade, and I cried...like I always do. 


 In September we took Treyson on a surprise birthday trip to Silverleaf Resort. He had a great time and...well, The Ninja basically became a kid again too! You can check out a slo-mo of them on the water slide here!


Halloween was awesome, and our group costume was a hit! 


In November we traveled to Kingsville, TX for Thanksgiving break. My cousin lives there and it was great to visit with her, have a change of scenery, and most of all...smuggle back some Bluebell! 


December was the season of Star Wars. Treyson attended his first midnight premier, my Mom made me a Star Wars quilt for Christmas and I finished writing and researching our first in-house exhibition that will open in January! You will see an Art & History Blog on it soon! 

I hope that even if your 2015 was a bit rough like ours was, you can look back through your social media posts and find at least one good thing that happened every month of the year. At least then you will have 12 things to be thankful for in 2105. 

That being said, I'm ready. Bring on 2016. 

Until next time, and as always, stay exceptionally chic & exquisitely geek! 

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