Holiday Shopping for Yourself While Saving Money

If you're like me, you are very interested in saving money for the holidays.  The flip side of that coin is that I also seem to find a ton of stuff that I want for myself while I am shopping for others! I've also begun to truly love online shopping now that I have a little one who is difficult to keep up with in the store.  My solution to this ball of trouble: Thredup!

Thredup works like an online consignment or thrift store for women's and children's clothing and accessories. The great thing about Thredup is that they are brand exclusive.  They will not accept clothing from unknown brands and have a very high quality inspection before anything goes on sale at the website.  They also have free returns if you're willing to accept store credit.  I've found some great pieces from White House Black Market, Michael Kors, and Old Navy.

Do you have clothes that you're trying to get rid of in your closet? Maybe something that doesn't fit anymore, something you just haven't gotten around to wearing, or something that doesn't look as good as it did in the store.  Thredup will send you a shipping bag for free.  You just load in your clothes and Thredup processes the bag and gives you store credit.  If there are pieces they won't accept, you can have them mailed back to you or donated to shelters local to the company. 

So, Shop on!  Check back in Friday when A2-D2 helps you continue shopping this holiday season!

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