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Traditions are a huge part of the holidays, and every family has different traditions special for each holiday. As we approach the week of Christmas, I wanted to share my five favorite traditions of the holiday as part of this week's Five Fandom Friday.

Stockings! Many people have stocking traditions, but I truly love how The Captain and I do stockings.  In order to avoid over-purchasing or over-spending we only do stockings for each other.  Every year we make stocking rules.  Sometimes the rules involve the total value of everything in the stocking (everything has to be under $50) and last year we had categories (one thing you need, want, eat, read). Everything also has to fit in the stocking.  Every year is like a game of trying to get the best stuff but still meat the requirements. We started this tradition in grad school when we had to rub pennies together and hope to create quarters.

Decorating the tree with my mom was always a mix of a chore and exciting.  I was the one that always had to go into the scary attic to pull down all of the boxes. Once the boxes were out of the attic, the fun part was finding what was in each box.  My mom packed ornaments in old popcorn tins and I always loved seeing what was in the tins because they were the oldest ornaments.

What's exciting about being an adult is the ability to create new traditions.  This year, The Captain and I plan to read The Cajun Night Before Christmas to Amelia every year.  The Captain is very proud of his heritage and wants to make sure Amelia is familiar with her "roots."  I'm excited to start that tradition with her this year.

The Santa Tracker on the local news! Where I grew up, the local news weatherman would track Santa on their radar. They would warn when kids needed to go to sleep in order to be asleep before Santa arrived.  I loved watching with my mom, dad, and sister. As I got older, I tried to stay up as late as possible by playing a type of strategy game against Santa!

When I was a child, I always overthought Santa's night.  What was his stress level? Did everyone appreciate him appropriately? Surely he didn't like having thousands of cookies in one night! So, my Santa cookie gifts always varied from the typical.  I'd leave soda (I hated milk as a kid!) or gifts for him and Mrs. Claus.  I can't wait to start making cookies for Santa with Amelia!

I hope your holidays are exceptionally chic and exquisitely geek.

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  1. I love finding ornaments too! I even made a special trip to my Mom's house this year to help sift through the endless boxes of ornaments. There are so many keepsake ornaments from grandparents and my parents in that (wonderful) mess!