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As many of you know, Seven of Ten and I have both gone cable-less. I haven't really spoken on the issue other than casually mentioning it once, I believe. You can read Seven's original blog Cutting the Cord, but let me just give you a quick explanation of how we've managed this system and if it is working for us.

Does it work? Absolutely. Would I chose it again? Idk. I won't even lie to you guys, our motives were purely financial, and desperate to be quite honest. The Ninja was laid off in February of this year and it was a rough road for a while. I mean, really rough. The first thing we did was look at our necessities.

I mean, do I love being able to come home and lay on the couch to view a never ending list of personally curated shows from my DVR? Yes! Do I absolutely need this to live? Nope. Groceries are far more important. I was already subscribed to Netflix, Hulu, and Spotify at the time. Looking at the financials it made way more sense to cut the cable and maintain those subscriptions. So that is what we did. I haven't missed cable until recently. Like literally within the last week and half I have started to miss Direct TV. Will we go back? Probably not. With three very active content consumers in the house we stream our media on an XBOX One, PS4, and Treyson's iPad. We've basically set his iPad up as his primary form of entertainment using easels in his room to make a "television." So far I only have two problems with going cable-less:

1) Live news. I am a huge news consumer. I know it is depressing, don't judge. Thankfully my parents have shared their DirectTV information so that I can watch CNNLive on my phone, or any other channel that offers live streaming services.

2) I never know when something is starting up! I have to search channel schedules or have friends remind me if a show that I am avid about is coming back. Thankfully I have my planner to remind me when shows are premiering so that I can order them on Amazon if I am not interested in waiting for a full season release on Netflix, or it is not carried by Hulu.

Overall I mean, I can definitely manage with this system. Ultimately, The Ninja and I have decided not to go back to cable just yet considering we have a wedding to pay for within the next year. We will one day go back, I would imagine so, but for now this is working for us. Do you guys have any tips on content consumption without cable? I'm definitely open to any advice.

So, with all of that ranting happening above I wanted to refer you all to a recent list of cancellations, conclusions, and premiers. Is my show cancelled? has been awesome for us. It helps remind us of content that may have not ended up on my list, but that we throughly enjoyed.

I hope you guys all have an excellent week, I'll be back Friday with my #5FandomFriday post. I think it's going to be a beauty wish list! Love you guys, and as always, stay exceptionally chic & exquisitely geek!

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