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Every year, A2-D2 and I try to split the year in terms of blogging topics. We're coming to a close on this cycle and, starting next Monday (Jan. 4), I'll be covering fandom and cosplay while A2-D2 will cover art/history and family. As we start the annual topic switch, I'd like to leave you with a bit of art/history homework. Here are some things I wanted to cover, but never got to this round! Be aware some language in this post may be offensive to some readers.
Do you remember when "In the Heights" took Brodway and the Tonys by storm in 2008? This was the first time Hip-hop had been used on the Broadway stage to tell a story. Lyricist Lin-Manuel Miranda is back on Brodway with a hip-hop biography of founding father Alexander Hamilton. Yep. It's taking the theatre world for a ride, and it's a train you want to be on! Interested in more? Check out this introductory video!

I have a new love in feminist history and her name is Caitlin Moran. You can find her sassy style on Twitter and in her book, How to be a Woman. To sum her unique British sass quickly, she has two questions for women to ask themselves if they are trying to decide if they are truly feminist:
1) reach in your pants. Do you have a vagina?
2) do you want to make your own decisions about what to do with your vagina?
If you answer yes to both of these, congrats! You are a feminist,

There are loads of daily activities, events, and people who will one day be regarded as great topics of study in art and history courses. Some of those people are not "famous enough" or the events are not impressive enough to be considered of note. That doesn't make them any less important if they provide you with an experience worth remembering. Keep exploring, and I'll see you on Friday!

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  1. A2-D2 Here! I already have a blog post about Alexander Hamilton in the works!!! I have been OBSESSED with the musical and fishing our inaccuracies. It has been a blast and I love the musical sooooo much! You don't have to do too much homework on Hamilton except for listening the entire musical on Spotify. You can listen to it here: