One the Twelfth Day of Geekmas...

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....and now onto our originally scheduled blog post... .

Happy Christmas Everyone! Today's #5FandomFriday will be a short and sweet one!

Today were chatting about Christmas Decorations. I have been loving my decor this year because it is so much simpler than years past.

Our condo is "cottage" style which means it is super cozy. There is plenty of room, but all of the rooms are very stacked up on each other. I grabbed one of these trees from Michaels on a Black Friday Sale last year and I love much so that I'm planning to grab another one after Christmas to put in the opposing window as well.

Historically I have switched themes every year, but now I want to start building upon a single theme and buying decor following the holidays so that I get a better deal on the items. All our ornaments on our tree are either silver, gold, or rose gold. I have purchased quite a few lots of these ornaments from Target to use on the tree, in garland, and in apothecary jars. 

I also love to sprinkle nerdom through the house. You can find our Yoda, C3P0, and R2-D2 all decked our for christmas! 

I've got to cut this blog a bit short! Christmas eve is upon us and my family is hanging around. You all have a happy Christmas! 

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