5 Blogging Snacks

Happy Friday Everyone! I've been in the midst of my #bridaldiet, but you know...

blogging is my cheat time. I'll be honest; when I'm blogging, or planning to blog, calories don't exist. 

Here are my five favorite snacks to eat while blogging! 

All of the good parts of my day start with a Coke Zero or.....

a Flat White. It's my go to Starbucks fav and it has just a few calories. 

When I am trying to behave, I love dried fruit like raisins or dried pineapple. 

Then again, these have some type of fruit component to them. I mean, chocolate of course, but some fruit component. The ironic part... I don't even like dark chocolate, but I will snack on these suckers until they are...well, gone. 

But really in a moment of weakness, there is this. The entire box of this. 

remember, calories don't count during blogging. 

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