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Every Cosplayer has their favorite products and tricks to use.  Since it is, once again, Comic Con season for me I have started researching the newest items to make my Cosplay rock.  This season, Jenny and Madam Vastra are coming back with a vengeance.

That's right! My Cosplay wife and I are headed out again after a few modifications to our suits.  Along the way, I'll keep you updated on our adventures and give you some great products that you might want to use on your next Cosplay!

 One of the things we are looking to upgrade is Madam Vastra's headpiece.  Last time, we used a headband that worked like a headband, but by the end of the afternoon, the headpiece was harder to keep on and became a weight (i.e. cue the headaches for Vastra).  The product we're planning to use is Instamorph.

I haven't gotten to open my instamorph bag yet and start playing, but here's a video of what the product can do.  Now, I just get to test my molding skills!

I'll be bringing you tips and products throughout the next few months.  You can also follow Jenny and Vastra's build by following me on Instagram @GeekSevenofTen.

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