Five "Late to the Game" TV Discoveries

I was very excited when +Female Geek Bloggers posted that today's #5FandomFriday topic would be your five favorite "Late to the Game" TV Discoveries!  As a full-time working mom, I feel like my current trend is to be late to the pop-culture party.  So, to those of you who are able to keep up with pop-culture, this is your time to laugh at what I'm just getting to.  For those other moms who have had that TV show on cue in Netflix a little too long, here are my recommendations (good and bad):

credit: The Nerdie Girle

1) Making A Murderer (Netflix)
Don't tell A2-D2, but I'm not into this yet.  It is going very slow for me.  Granted I'm only 3 or 4 episodes in, but I don't find myself dying to come back like I thought I would after reading reviews, hearing friends talk, and seeing how many conspiracy theories broke after this series.  If you watch(ed) this, please tell me if you think I should continue through.  Please tell me it becomes more interesting!!

2) Criminal Minds (Netflix)
I was introduced to this by (one of) my mother-in-law when she and Drew's dad came for a visit.  They were having a TV marathon of it, and after two episodes, I had to start at the beginning.  I'm unashamedly on Team Spencer! For those who haven't watched, Spencer Reid is an FBI profiler who holds doctorates in multiple fields. I think intelligence is sexy and Dr. Reid is no different! This is my guilty pleasure - Cop show + handsome man!!

3) iZombie (Netflix)
This seems to be a very underrated show, but I must admit that the CW hasn't failed me yet on nerdy/supernatural dramas.  After becoming a zombie, Liv takes her medical degree (and appetite) to the coroner's office.  She helps solve crimes while dealing with the strife of zombie life.

4) Doctor Who
Don't worry, I'm not super "far behind" on this, but I remember being about 5-6 years after the 2009 reboot before I ever watched an episode.  This fandom heled me start talking about fandoms again from an analytical point - why this character choice, what did that symbol mean, etc.  It was a rekindling of my nerdiness, and I would be remiss to not mention it!

5) Star Trek: Enterprise (Netflix)

Last year, during May the 4th celebrations, I decided to celebrate by watching the entire Star Trek fandom in chronological order (I'm not done...).  That meant starting with a spinoff that I'd never given much credit to.  Star Trek: Enterprise.  The series focuses on how starfleet began and the development of the prime directive.  If you enjoy Scott Bakula, this is definately worth a try!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and check back in with us on Monday for an Art/History lesson from A2-D2!

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  1. I love Criminal Minds! Spencer is my favorite too. He's just too adorable.