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We read a ton of blogs. We can call it a professional necessity, but, let's be honest, we enjoy it! I've been reading some of my favorite blogs on Bloglovin (follow us here), and I've gotten to read a number of year in review blogs. A2-D2 just recently posted her year via social media here at EG!

So, with (literally) the first post of the new year, what should it be? I decided it was about YOU. Here are 5 things I wish for you in 2016:
1) I hope you find a new favorite fictional friend. Whether you enjoy reading or binging a new series on Netflix, I hope you take the time to not only explore a new story, but that you take the time to have "you" time.

2) I hope you are scared. I do not like to be out of my comfort zone, and I don't think that makes me an anomaly. I think we all prefer safety, but I hope 2016 challenges you to accept the comfort zone isn't always best.

3) I hope you fall in love. With yourself, with a new book series, with an old friend, or with your partner. I don't care where you find it, but find that emotional passion in life once more.

4) I hope you play. Build a Lego, run outside, watch a Back to the Future marathon at the nerdy movie theatre. Do something that doesn't fit into your 9-5.

5) I hope you find that you are Exquisitely Geek. When A2-D2 and I started this blog, it was because we wanted to share that geek didn't mean that you were less than something. Geek means that you are better than the ordinary. You can hold your head high knowing that you have a true passion for something - an emotion that too many people lack. You have all become part of our family and I hope you keep coming back - even if it is just to check on the crazy sisters.

May the new year bring a renewal of self. So, here's to you the exquisite geeks.

Exquisitely Geek

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