Home Life Update!

well, well, well...isn't it nice to be blogging about home life again.

it is so weird that both seven of ten and i have a preferences and they are so very clear, lol. 

but it feels so good to be back in my element. i don't feel so panicked about what i am going to be posting in the future. 

...well for the next six months at least...

so...what is going on in our house...

 well, first things first: we are in the midst of wedding planning. we have a little under 10 months to get everything together. it sounds like forever, but i'm feeling rushed...already.

one of my bridesmaids trying on veils, because you know...you have to try on all the veils. 

career wise we've been swamped. we just opened a new exhibition that i assisted in curating and did all of the research for. we will talk more about #hashtagginghistory on monday's art & history blog! 

the ninja is doing well. you know, playing video games and being a dad can take a lot out of ya. 

so many things are going on right now. we are exploring moving, locally of course. and we've been looking at adopting another weimaraner because our weim, Lily, will eventually lose her sight. i think it would be nice for her to have a companion when that happens. 

i have a feeling the house will need to come before the new addition. weimaraner's were originally bread to hunt large game. they use over half of their brains solely for their sense of smell so that is intense. they also LOVE to run. she cherishes it, so i think we'd need a pretty hefty yard for the two of them. 

treyson is in third grade. he loves his school and his teachers. coincidentally he attends the same elementary school that seven of ten graced that halls of. his teacher this year is amazing! his report card just came home and i'm happy to announce he's got straight a's, because he's awesome! 

he used his "gifted grade" money to buy (more) pokemon cards. those things are the currency of children. he must have a thousand of them. they are everywhere too, like everywhere! 

but there cute so that okay. 

i'm excited to be back blogging about family life and geekdom. well be doing some wedding wednesday's will be happening sporadically throughout the next six months as well. as always, stay exceptionally chic & exquisitely geek! 

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