Instagram Cosplyers to Follow: Maid of Might

This is part of a continuing series on Cosplay Wednesday where we try to give you access to some great Cosplayers to follow via their Cosplay social media. Our first post introduced you to DavidforDisney and today we're looking at some inspiration for crossover Cosplay: Maid of Might.

Maid of Might is a cosplayer by the name of Jessica who has created quite the following with her crossover cosplay ideas.  I've always loved the idea of blending fandoms, but I'm just not there yet.  If you enjoy the creativeness of crossover cosplay, Maid of Might is a must follow on Instagram.  You can find her here! Here are some of my favorites from Maid of Might in both crossover cosplay and standard character cosplay (all photos are property of Maid of Might and have been taken from her instagram account):

Do you have a crossover cosplay on the burner? Don't forget to check back in on Friday with A2-D2 for this week's high 5.

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