Netflix Hidden Gems

Do you have some time to kill and find that your current list in Netflix is wanting?  Here are some of my favorite hidden Gems in Netflix's offerings:


Salem takes a new look at what may have fueled the witch trials in Salem. If you've (over)read Arthur Miller's play, this is a great change in pace and a fresh look.  If you're a history buff like The Captain, maybe you should skip it.  History is not really a factor of this new series.

Tomorrow People

Teens with special powers are under attack and have retreated to a hidden location in order to survive. Thankfully, there is a mythical savior who may have just stepped into their lives for real.


Cosplay always inspires creativity, and we cannot deny the power that superhero movies have had on pop culture.  For those individuals in the documentary Superheroes, they truly believe that one masked individual can save a city.  Follow self-made superheroes as they try to operate within the confines of the law while saving their own cities.

A Young Doctor's Notebook

Have any Harry Potter fans in your life? What about Mad Men? This might be the answer to your need for new work from both Harry and Don as they portray different ages of the same doctor.  Peer into the young doctor's life through his journal at the start of his career.

Atari: Game Over

I must admit that I let The Captain watch this one as I wasn't initially interested.  I can't say that I was crazy about it in total, but I enjoyed seeing how many people truly grew up with Atari and found great pleasure in chasing the "mythical" ET video game.

Do you have any favorite hidden gems on Netflix? I also really enjoyed the movie "In A World," but it has been removed from Netflix - big bummer!  Check in on Monday with A2-D2, and I'll see you Wednesday for Cosplay talk!

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