The Switch is Official

Every year, A2-D2 and I switch blog topics half way through the year to make sure that you get some variety and that we don't burn out one topic. Today is the official switch date! From here until early July, I will cover Fandom Mondays, Cosplay Wednesday, and a High Five every other week. What's interesting is that this division of topics is how A2-D2 and I originally separated the topics in order to play to our respective strengths. Though I always love the opportunity to work with Art/History and Family/Lifestyle, Fandom and Cosplay are my favorites (don't tell our other blog topics!).
This round, expect some exploration into how fandoms are spreading into daily life, how fandoms have helped some people create businesses, and updates on rumored and confirmed news (don't worry, I'll distinguish between the two!).
Though A2-D2 and I agreed on the switch date a few weeks ago, this is still an odd switch for my brain to make. You get so use to looking at stories and events from a particular angle, but I'm excited to be back with these topics.

Let me know if there's something you'd like to see on Fandom Monday! You can leave a comment below or hit up Exquisitely Geek on Facebook or Twitter!

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