5 Things (Almost) Always in my Purse

Today's #5FandomFriday topic from the Female Geek Bloggers is a list of 5 things always found in our purses.  I will admit that I've minimized the times I carry my purse because I'm now also carrying a diaper bag and a baby, but here's the tools I typically keep with me at all times.

1) My PlumPaperDesigns ME Planner.  This planner has 7 customizable sections designed to help you keep up with your tasks based on topic.  My ME planner has a section for me, The Captain, Amelia, Exquisitely Geek, Work, and 2 blank sections.  This helps me know where everyone is and to keep notes on all the to-dos I have for a week!  I also love that there are other Etsy sellers (like TheStickyCactus) that sell stickers and fun accessories specifically for this planner.

2) My Moleskin notebook (are you seeing a trend yet?). I often get ideas for Exquisitely Geek posts while listening to Podcasts or reading an article online - that's actually exactly what happened for the next Fandom Blog about X-Files!  When I get these ideas, I have to write them down or they are gone. That's what my little notebook is for.  This is where I hash out the idea before scheduling it in my ME Planner!

3) My Podcasts! I'm blaming A2-D2 for this, without question.  I was never a podcast listener until she started blogging about them on Exquisitely Geek.  Now, not only do I listen to them, I have them with me all the time - just in case.  I use PodcastAddict to organize my listening list and downloaded episodes.

4) Butterscotch hard candies.  I know, odd.  My grandmother always had them in her purse so I love them and they are wonderfully nostalgic for me!

5) A Treasure. It never fails that as soon as I clean my purse, I've lost something within it.  Just the other day, I found a necklace that I thought I had lost.  It's like my purse is the reverse of the sock monster that lives in your dryer!

What do you keep with you at all times?  Check in with A2-D2 on Monday for Art/History and don't forget to have an exceptionally chic weekend!

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  1. I try to use small purses because other wise I'll have EVERYTHING in it. In most cases it's just my wallet, maybe a chapstick/lipstick, and a random pair of earrings that I took out at one point and forgot about. LOL

  2. I always have earrings or necklaces in my purse! My toddler is still in the grabby phase and sometimes shoving it in my purse has saved me from frustrating pain!