Cosplay Products part 2

A few weeks ago, I started sharing some of my favorite Cosplay products in what I hope will become a regular thing while I'm back in the driver seat for this topic!  Today, I want to talk about cosplay builds that require sewing and how this little gem helps me tackle the frustration.


When I have a build that requires sewing on my machine, the most frustrating part of the situation is the ironing.  Where my sewing machine is set up vs. where I can iron are two different places.  I'm the kid that doesn't like to walk around when I'm on a roll and just need to iron a hem flat (sometimes I wing it to save the walking).  Thankfully, I now know about the Steamfast Travel Steam Iron.

This little guy heats up in under a minute and produces a good amount of steam considering there are only four holes on the underside for the steam to escape.  

Here are my pros:
  1. The ability to travel is HUGE. If you're building at a buddy's house or even need a portable iron for out of town cons, this is a great option.
  2. Steam instead of iron.  I much prefer steaming clothes over ironing when I have the option because I don't feel like I'm capable of burning the garment or making it "too pressed" when using steam.
  3. Heats in under a minute!
  1. Because of the small size, the water reservoir is small as well.  With big jobs, you do have to refill.
  2. Steam functions only in horizontal position - no vertical steaming!
  3. Steam instead of iron also means that it's much harder to use on tougher/thicker fabrics.  i.e. my Kaylee Jumpsuit and this iron would not have been friends!
Right now, Craftsy is having a sale on the Steamfast Travel Iron, but I know you can also find them on Amazon.  Do you have a favorite cosplay product?

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