Cupcakes I LOVE!

Happy Friday Errrybody! 

I'm going to skip the chit chat today because we all know what we are here for...


Here are my 5 Favorite Cupcakes: 

First and foremost, my favorite store bought cupcakes. 
because I don't have to clean up after making them...

Ruston, LA 
Source: Social Bites                Wedding Cake Cupcake, 2.25
Literally the only kind of wedding cake I like. 

lil' luna blog 

Sugar & Soul Blog

Cincy Shopper Blog 

In honor of my better-blogging partner-half:

Strawberry Shortcake Cupcakes

You find all of the recipes linked on our Cupcake Dreams Pin Board! Have a great weekend! I think I'll have my fair share of cupcakes tomorrow with three birthday parties to attend! I'll see you again on Wednesday! 

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  1. I have a feeling this weeks Fandom 5 is going to make me very hungry! LOL

  2. My waist line is concerned that now you have a pinterest board just for cupcakes! Amazing!

    1. Even better...WE have a pinterest board just for cupcakes! <3 A2-D2

  3. Those Earl Grey Cupcakes sound amazing!!

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    2. They do don't they!?! I'm thinking they will be on my bake list this weekend! <3 A2-D2