Galentines Day: Womances and Womanships

A2-D2 talked about Galentine's day on the blog this week - catch up on that here - so it only seemed natural to talk about my five favorite womances and womanships for todays #5FandomFriday!

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Kaylee and Inara (Firefly). When watching Firefly for the first time, I thought that Kaylee simply had an admiration for Inara's grace, profession, and skill.  But as you continue watching the season, it is clear that both women have a respect for each other.  Inara does possess a motherly protection for Kaylee, but I love how much these two women connect though from different sides of the occupational scale.

I can't do a womances post without Vastra and Jenny (Doctor Who). Ignoring their obvious exhilaration when in battle, these women have overcome large obstacles (species and sex) in order to have a committed relationship.  I love cosplaying this powerful couple if for no other reason than to  represent women who are unafraid of public opinion or controversy.

Carla and Elliot (Scrubs). Their relationship started off rocky. They fought constantly, and Carla wasn't shy to tell Elliot that the only reason they were friends is they were dating male best friends (JD and Turk). I love how realistic this relationship is as they find themselves as individuals and friends.  Most realistic fictional relationship -  hands down!

Amy and River (Doctor Who).  Though they are more than friends (i.e. family) River's timeline shows that they were truly friends from the beginning.  Though Melody didn't know, consciously, why she enjoyed Amy and Rory's company, it cannot be denied that there was some true friendship there (ignoring the deadly ulterior motives!).  I love that, regardless of timeline, both women were able to constantly reshape their relationship and find a mutual respect and love for each other.

Buffy and Willow (Buffy the Vampire Slayer). I'll admit that I love this relationship because the book nerd ends up hanging out and becoming BFF with the most bad-ass woman in Sunnydale.  Willow and Buffy always looked out for each other regardless of the situation. Boys at The Bronze, patrolling with Mr. Pointy, or relationships with otherworldly (hot) men - the situation didn't matter. These two women showed that friendship can last and women can be strong, powerful, and independent (slightly cliche, but true!)

I think the continuing theme of strong, independent women is fairly clear from my list!  Who would you add to your Galentines Day list? A2-D2 will be back on Monday for Art and History!  Until then have an exquisitely geek(y) weekend!

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  1. Oh I just love Inara and Kaylee - such a great friendship :)

  2. CARLA AND ELLIOT!!! YES! Scrubs is one of my all time favorite shows, and I love the relationship of Carla and Elliot and how it changed over the years. Great picks all around!