My OTP's

You know that this #5FandomFriday was going to happen eventually right? 

I mean could there be anything more "fandom-like" than "one true pairings?" 

Nope. Nothing. 

Here are my five favorite OTP's: 

Fred & George Weasley 

Paired by genetics, which honestly, always knows best. 

Wash & Serenity
A man and his machine. They couldn't be more made for each other. 

Amy Pond & The Eleventh Doctor (Rory & River as well.) 
A weirder family pairing has never been made, or more perfect. 

Lizzy Bennet & Mr. Darcy 
(All Iterations) 
No matter what version you are watching/reading, it is undeniable. 

and of course...

Seven of Ten & A2-D2
I mean, there are only one person in this world that I could blog with forever. 

Have a great weekend, and as always, stay exceptionally chic & exquisitely geek! See ya' tomorrow for our bonus book blog! 

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