Recently the Ninja and I have been talking quite a bit about tattoos. Our conversation always seems to go somewhat like this...

The Ninja: Man, I want to get my tattoo. 

A2-D2: Yeah, I want to get another one too. 

The Ninja: You have some, I don't have any. I get to go first. 

A2-D2: What do you want for dinner? 

We tend to get a lot accomplished around our house. Really, we do. We don't stay on one topic for too long and we just keep moving. The Ninja is a huge fan of gundams. For those that aren't familiar they are basically huge robots. Like...massive ones. Many of you know that The Ninja has a soft spot for anime and science fiction, but his real soft spot is giant robots. He has literally talked about getting this tattoo of a giant robot...maybe I should call them gundams out of respect for the fandom...since we started dating. 

I am a small and dainty tattoo person. All of mine are in black and white. All of mine are small-ish. None of mine have taken more than 10 minutes to accomplish and I like it that way. I am an easy tattoo patient. I walk in, show my artist what I want, hand them the piece of paper that the image is on, fill out the paperwork and then walk away a short time later a perfectly happy customer. 

Tattoos are such an interesting part of our art culture, and becoming less taboo by the second it seems. As we talk about the things we love and the things we want to permanently emblazon on our bodies I started looking at more fandom tattoos and holy crap, there are some awesome ones out there! 

The Hunger Games

Harry Potter

Game of Thrones

Doctor Who

Nightmare Before Christmas

Disney (Goofy Soup) 

Disney (Mary Poppins) 
A Spoonful of Sugar

Do you have any fandom related tattoos? Would you ever get one? What do you think about The Ninja and my tattoos? Who should get one first? I hope you guys have a great week and I will see you again on Thursday for a bonus book post. Until then, and as always, stay exceptionally chic & exquisitely geek!

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  1. I have a few fandom tattoos. Honestly, almost all of mine are fandom related. I have a small purple arrow for Hawkeye, "Till the end of the line" from Captain America, and a large Black Widow on my leg! I think he should go first, just because it's his first time! LOL

    1. I'm pretty sure he will end up going first, because I want him to be able to have some thing that he's wanted for so long, and so badly! But I'll get back in the chair eventually! <3 A2-D2

      P.S. I love the Captain America line!

  2. I don't currently have any fandom tattoos, but I would absolutely get some. Honestly, if I were completely rich I'd consider getting a full Sailor Moon sleeve on my left arm. :D

    1. Oh! A sailor moon sleeve would be awesome! What a great choice! <3 A2-D2