Feminism and the X-Files

As a young fangirl, supernatural based stories were my thing. Star Trek. Buffy. X-Files. Supernatural.  These shows were what I binged on when binges were only possible with the assistance of the TV Guide printed in our local newspaper.  By linking together reruns on multiple stations, I could binge for 4-5 hours before the new episode aired.  In January of 2015, Gillian Anderson (Agent Dana Scully from X-Files) spoke with the Nerdist and they laughed about trying to get a reboot of the series for 2015.  They even decided on an official hashtag, #XFiles2015. I thought how wonderful it would be, but honestly didn't think anything would come of it.  But it made me nostalgic, and I began re-watching X-Files on Netflix, and I realized that this show was better in my memory than in actuality.  Mainly, I realized, Agent Mulder was a dreamboat but an a**hole.

That's right, I said it.  The Fox Mulder of my memory was a dreamboat who wouldn't let "the man" get in the way of his hope for finding and communicating with aliens.  He was the man who always ended up with a case that couldn't be explained away by Agent Scully's scientific background.  The problem is, that was my view of him as a preteen and teenager.  As an adult who has had to experience the hypocracy of life far too often, I see him for the man he truly is - through the way he treats Scully.  In the original series, he is quick to dismiss Scully's opinions and the benefit that her scientific background can bring, and the majority of the monologues within the series that are created to help the audience understand what is happening are delivered, condescendingly, to Scully.

So, when Fox announced a reboot, I was concerned.  I didn't make it through many episodes in my nostalgic Netflix viewing before I couldn't take any more of Fox (nor, honestly, could I take much more of Scully having to smile and nod at the absurdity of  her position within the FBI). But, part of being a fangirl is seeing a show through the rough seasons, the self-referencing seasons, and those seasons that seem to drag on forever. And I did, I watched the X-Files mini-series reboot on Fox (and Hulu) and here's what I'll say - no spoilers, promise - they gave Scully her dignity back in a big way! 

When I watched this reboot, I saw Scully take on the lead focus and had some wonderful zingers to throw at Fox:

"This is how I like my Mulder...you're bat crap crazy." - Season 10, Episode 3
"Back in the day, I use to do stairs in 3 inch heels!" - Season 10, Episode 4
If you're in my shoes and found that your memory of Fox Mulder was much better than reality, take some time to binge the miniseries on Hulu. Scully takes back her womanhood!

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