Instagram Cosplayers to Follow: Scarlet Moonstorm

This is part of a continuing series on Cosplay Wednesday where we try to give you access to some great Cosplayers to follow via their Cosplay social media. Our first post introduced you to DavidforDisney and Maid of Might; today, we are looking at Scarlet Moonstorm who boasts a love of cosplay and tea via her instagram account - a woman after my own heart!

Scarlet Moonstorm's instagram is great for tracking works in progress.  Scarlet Moonstorm is generous to share not only her progress in cosplay creation but also sharing her tips and tricks as she progresses.  Here's some of the great works in progress she shares via instagram:

I also love that Scarlet Moonstorm shares her life via instagram too!  There are a number of cosplayers on instagram that share only their professional work or their finished product.  Which is great, but I love to see Scarlet Moonstorm's non-cosplay side (Don't worry, it's still exquisitely geeky)! 

You can follow Scarlet Moonstorm on instagram and be sure to check out my profile @GeekSevenofTen and @ima2d2.   A2-D2 will be back here on Friday, and I'll catch in with you on Monday!  Stay exceptionally chic!

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  1. I love going through the cosplay tag on Instagram! Thanks for pointing me in the director of a new person to follow!

  2. Hey, thanks for featuring my page! I just stumbled across this article and it's really lovely of you :) Scarlet