5 Fandom Friday: Favorite Geek Chic Shops

Today's post is amazing! The Female Geek Bloggers who participate in #5FandomFriday are sharing their favorite geek chic shops.  So, let's do some virtual shopping!  Today though, I'm going to do something a little different, I'm going to link you up to some other geeky (female) bloggers that are definitely worth your follow - let's start window shopping with them!

1. Do you need a wardrobe update to the geeky?  Check out Iris of Amanda's list because Cakeworthy Flannel!

2. Check in with Drea if you need some help from overseas.  This nerdy Scott has some great new stores for you to peruse (and to add to your next vacation)!

3. One of my favorite stores is Jordandene, and you can check out her list here! Jordandene sells some amazingly original geeky gear, and I loved seeing where she goes for gear!

4. Check in with Steph at Schtick & Substance for her best geeky merch stores.

5. Don't forget to check out the awesome geeky mom at Raising Little Dragonslayers. She has some great ideas of how to use those geeky wares for the whole family!

I hope you have fun virtually shopping, and I hope that you've found some new bloggers for your Bloglovin' feed!  Be sure to shop virtually with me through Monday's Fandom post, and we will see you after (what we know) will be an exceptionally chic weekend!

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