5 Fandoms I Like - Didn't Think I Would

Thank you for your patience while A2-D2 and I dealt with life this week.  Sorry that the Blog and our readers took the brunt of it.  Today's 5FandomFriday topic are 5 Fandoms that I love, but didn't think I would.

 Firefly is one of those shows where the description is interesting, but doesn't make it easy to define - "it's a western, set in space." When I heard about it I knew it would be a flop or it would be a hidden gem; I'll admit that I only began watching it because it was one of the only "nerdy" shows that The Captain and I could agree on - glad I jumped on that bandwagon! The Dresden Files was first introduced to me via the TV spin-off (that was canceled early on...sounds familiar).  I didn't realize that this new sci-fi show was actually a book series!  So, of course, the bibliophile had to read the series! Tough I'm nowhere near done with the series, I'm really loving the writing of Jim Butcher.  When I originally began watching Doctor Who, it was through the Netflix release of the 2005/9th Doctor series.  I watched part of the first episode over and over, but I just couldn't get into it.  When I finally made myself finish the episode, it only took a few episodes to be hooked.  Now I'm searching for "historic" episodes and forming theories with my favorite Cosplay buddy.  This is one of those fandoms that opened my friendships up!  The bibliophile in me had to add the Twilight Saga - not because of the movies, but because of the books.  This was one of the first times that my entire group of friends read the same book, and every conversation began with "where are you in the book?" We always checked for spoilers before trying to predict an ending/event/love match.  I also cannot neglect how much of an impact this fandom had on me when I took my first job in New York training children in theatre.  I connected with a ton of the girls because I was #teamJacob which meant there was one less girl trying to get Edward away from them! (Oh, the simplicity of a preteen brain!).  Though I can't read the books anymore, I do occasionally watch the movies as my guilty pleasure. Finally, this list couldn't be complete without a mention of Star Wars.  I'm no where near A2-D2 or The Captain when discussing this fandom, but I understand their devotion to it.  I never gave it much of a chance until The Captain and I were married and I truly enjoy when we have marathon weekends.

What fandoms did you not think you'd enjoy? I'd love to hear your list too!  A2-D2 and I are trying to get back on the blogging track - so, check in with us on Monday!  Until then....stay exceptionally chic and exquisitely geek!

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  1. I remember making fun of Teen Wolf when I first learned about it but now I've been sucked in!

  2. *high five* for Dr Who, also one of my picks. I had no idea what it was all about at first, but I heard of so many geeks watching and enjoying it that I figured I'd give it a try.

    And Firefly! <3 I was almost afraid starting that because of the "they should've made more seasons!" thing, but I'm glad I did. So worth it. One of those rare series that left me with a grin each time I watched. Firefly beats Dr Who for me, but at least the latter has many more seasons. :)

  3. Cool list! Star Wars is always a fandom that I struggle with but have grown to love. The prequels were something I grew up with and just didn't like. The Originals are my family's favorites but I could never quite get into them. The Force Awakens really made me excited for the fandom (even if it's a close remake of A New Hope). I totally looking forward to the new installments and giving the others a try again. :)

  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one late to Doctor Who! And Firefly. :D

  5. I did the exact same thing with Doctor Who! I watched the first episode (or part of it) at least 4 times, and just couldn't get into it AT ALL. Finally powered through the entire first season in a weekend (because I am too much of a completist to skip episodes), and I am so glad I stuck it out!