An Update on Richard III

I mean, you knew it was coming right? I can't even begin to explain how enthralled I am in the story of Richard III. No thanks to Shakespeare, mostly thanks to forensic developments, archaeological finds, and Smithsonian documentaries.

We first stalked... I mean talked... about Richard III being laid to rest, again, in our Finally at Rest post almost a year ago. If you need a little context for this post, check out that one!

So what has happened or changed in the last year? Well, a lot of research and development has been invested in better understanding the ill fated King's story. So many things about his life have been confirmed and dis-proven, but I think the most amazing development comes from the archaeologists at the University of Leicester. They have decided to usher in the anniversary with a 3D reconstruction of  Richard III's grave as it was first fully excavated in September of 2012.

How have they managed to do such a thing? Well, the took images (photographs) of the original dig site and ran them through a form of software called AgiSoft Photoscan. This software takes those images, marks their overlaps using objects, and then repositions them to create a 3D digital model.

I mean, not to geek out here, but it's so freaking cool! Having watched quite a few documentaries on the process, I wasn't surprised by what I saw. I can say that this imaging completely backs up the understanding that his burial was basically a joke. No shroud, no coffin; they basically half dug a hole and tossed him in it.

You can click on the numbers to find more informant about the late King. So much understanding of this man has come from the examination of burial site and body. Great guy? Eh. Was his reputation completely butchered but those that lived immediately following him? Yeah. Yeah, I'd say so. I think the one thing that I really took away from this new 3D rendering of the grave site is just how small the grave is. I feel a little claustrophobic just watching the 3D image. 

I'll see y'all again on Friday for a #5FandomFriday and you will see Seven on Ten on Wednesday for some exciting Cosplay blogging. Until then, and as always, stay exceptionally chic & exquisitely geek! 

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